Sri Saibaba Charitable Trust


Our Aim



Sri Saibaba Charitable Trust, was set up in 2008 and registered under Registration No E-8064/Thane dated 20.04.2013 (PAN No - AAMTS7530F) with an objective of humanitarian service and welfare of the poor. In its continued Endeavour to serve the poor, it now proposes to Construct Sai Baba Temple in near future. It is proposed that the temple will provide :



for the benefit of poor, needy and deserving members of public at large irrespective of any caste, creed, community or religion










Oh Shirdi Sai Baba




To lead a honest & righteous life.


To follow a life of Truthfulness and Non Violence


To perform my duties with clear conscience


To observe silence daily for sometime


To Memorize and chant your name always


To help others to my ability


To have patience always


To lead a friendly life


Bless me with all the good qualities.